rubber car stops

Rubber Car Stops

Rubber Car Stops are extremely durable compared to conventional concrete parking blocks. Our car stops are constructed of 100% recycled rubber, and have In-molded highway reflective tape (available in yellow or white) ensuring visibility and pedestrian safety. We ship UPS Freight 2-5 business days and include anchoring spikes or lag bolts for installation. Each car stop has pre-molded holes for drilling and fastening to asphalt, gravel, or concrete. They are lightweight (34 lbs. for a 6′ car stop) and flexible; conforming to the contour of uneven road surfaces. car stops are available in 3′, 4′, and 6′ lengths and are covered by a 3 year warranty; 1 year on the tape. Contact traffic lawyers Melbourne through this website to get legal advice. When looking at the restoration parts for classic Mustang┬áit can be hard to see the differences since they are so similar. Revology Cars offer books and guides to help install all of these new 1966 Ford Mustang parts.

Colors Offered: Black / Terracotta / Blue
Reflective Tape Colors Offered: Yellow / White

12″ Steel Spikes – Asphalt or Gravel
8″ Lag & Anchor – Concrete or Asphalt
5″ Concrete Bolts – Concrete only
18″ Heavy Duty Steel Spikes – Asphalt, Gravel, Dirt

6′ L X 6″ W X 4″ H
4′ L X 6″ W X 4″ H
3′ L X 6″ W X 4″ H

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